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Yamuna devi

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Yamuna Devi is a Heart of Living Yoga Teacher, currently based in London. Her yogic journey began over 10 years ago as a result of deep soul searching and yearning for a different way to live. Her path united her with several beloved teachers, each one leading her to the next step on her path. The magical moment of meeting Rev. Padma Devi Sumananda has changed her life forever - going with her to Rishikesh and training to become a Heart yoga teacher meant entering a new dimension.

The sacred teachings of Heart Practise and its profound impact on how we perceive life have become Yamuna Devi’s companion. Connecting with the Heart space and living from it as much as possible is her daily act. Yamuna discovered that teaching from this place is a blessing. Working with cancer patients, elderly family members and anyone looking for connection, Yamuna has discovered that Heart Practise brings endless peace and love to all.

Yamuna Devi suffered a back injury midway through her yogic journey, stopping her in her tracks and showing her what it means to feel powerless and weak. This has fuelled her love for restorative and kind yoga practise, specialising in the Heart Rest Teacher Training with Radha Rachel Tisdall. Sri Swami Satchidananda and Master Sivananda are both regular visitors nudging Yamuna along. The beauty of direct experience is something she wishes to share with everyone. Once that experiential moment has happened the universe reconfigures.

Yamuna is also a keen personal growth / development enthusiast and from years of experience has begun to share her videos on Instagram TV (@yamunauk) and YouTube (Yamuna UK) covering all kinds of topics, tools and inspirations. The idea of living with an open Heart is the basis of her talks and with time this is deepening.

Yamuna is a spiritual artist, creating paintings which reflect her path, energies and experiences. She firmly believes that all things hold a frequency allowing us to resonate with what feels good for us. Art as well is a powerful manifestation of energy and having positive and inspirational creativity around us can bring us closer with what we wish for.

Currently Yamuna Devi teaches a weekly Heart Meditation group class in Notting Hill / Queensway area in London as well as teaching Heart Yoga at various businesses and Maggie’s Cancer Charity (Charing Cross & St Bartholomew's Hospitals).