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Padma Devi Sumananda

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Rev Padma Devi Sumananda

Founder & President of Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation

Rev. Padma has been studying and practising yoga for almost 50 years, since she was 18, although she was seeking to know the Truth since her earliest days.

Her beloved guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda, found her in 1991 when she became his devoted student, then a teacher and centre head, a teacher trainer, European co-ordinator and finally a Minister within his tradition of Integral Yoga. His teachings, his love and his grace continue to bless every step of her path in this life time.

In 2006 Rev. Padma went to Sri Lanka to visit the orphanage and ashram where Sri Swami Satchidananda had lived for many years. It was during that visit to Sri Lanka, soon after the tsunami, that Padma set up the work of our charity “Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation”, when she discovered that there were children and families who were worse off – outside the orphanage. You can find out more details and how to help on this website on the page with the heading “Charity”.

Her service as a yoga teacher, trainer, mentor and guide continues to blossom through the sharing of the Heart Practice – a direct form of meditation which brings the practitioner into true communion with the Self.

Rev. Padma teaches internationally and has set up several yoga centres and charity projects in different parts of the world. She lives and breathes yoga, and service to all is the mantra of her every breath.

Heart of Living Yoga is a pure channel of love and service through sharing the joy of Yoga in all its forms.