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The Heart Of Living Yoga tradition...

As the name suggests, Heart Of Living Yoga is a way of bringing yoga into every area of life and living in the heart – a very practical way of bringing heaven to earth. Using the traditional yogic tools of hatha yoga, meditation & philosophy, it is a path of love and service through self-development and direct experience of the Real.

Heart Of Living Yoga offers a harmonious combination of the main traditional Schools of Yoga, which are

  1. Bhakti Yoga – the path of devotion

  2. Karma Yoga – the path of selfless service

  3. Raja Yoga – the path of yogic psychology

  4. Jnana Yoga – the path of intellectual self-enquiry

  5. Kriya Yoga – the path of internal action

  6. Hatha Yoga – the path of physical postures & pranayama

  7. Japa Yoga – the path of mantra repetition.

Each Heart of Living Yoga class is based on the Heart Practice which offers a simple and direct way for teacher and students to share the experience of Oneness. The Heart Practice gives us full permission to re-connect with the Divine, whose home is the heart. It gives us permission to reconnect with ourselves - and as well as giving permission it also gives us the means of connecting - through the heart space – it is Heart Mindfulness.

The Heart Of Living Yoga physical Hatha Yoga practice is based on the Rishikesh Sequence, following in the footsteps of Integral Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Divine Life Yoga, etc . This sequence is based on ancient yogic science, knowledge and principles, which are still vibrantly alive and relevant for us today.

Each Heart of Living Yoga class is new and fresh, according to the needs of the students & the guidance of each teacher. And through the Heart Practice, the vibration of the teaching and the experience of the students at the end of each class, will always be the same – at home in the heart of being.

Our teachers have practised and trained for many years in order to be able to lead classes of this calibre – adapting to the needs of each student and gently guiding and nurturing each one - supporting, exploring and enjoying yoga in all its wonderful forms – but always through the lens of the transformational Heart Practice and heart meditations.

To find a Heart Of Living Yoga teacher near to you, please click on the “Our Teachers” page on this site.