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Vishwam & Haridas - River of Life (MP3)

Vishwam & Haridas - River of Life (MP3)

  1. Song of Life

  2. Flow of Life

  3. Opening to Joy

  4. River of Life

1. The Song of Life is a gentle meditation, inviting us to listen deeply to That which is flowing through all of creation, singing in every Heart. The words and music together are deeply soothing, spacious and soft. This track is just 5 minutes long. Scroll down to listen free.

2. If you need to recharge your batteries after a busy day or simply feel more connected to life, this short 10 minute guided relaxation will help you feel more vibrant, peaceful and open to life. The Flow of Life can be enjoyed sitting up or lying down in a comfortable position.

3. This special 20 minute deep relaxation will help you lay down your burdens and open your heart to the joy of life. It is best enjoyed lying down in a comfortable place with a warm blanket over your body.

4. Lying down in a quiet place, covered in a lovely blanket, you will be guided to visualise relaxing by a sacred healing river and feel the blessing of the water pouring through your whole being. This 30 minute long deep relaxation is profoundly healing, soothing and deeply relaxing.

Voice: Vishwam Guru Das

Music, Recording & Production: Haridas

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