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‘Lakshmi’ Album Out Now!

Lakshmi’ Album Out Now!

Performed, recorded and produced by Elise Yuill Cohen

50% of the profits from all the sales go to support Heart of Living Yoga Foundation

This album is an hour long journey of the ancient Sanskrit Mahalakshmi Mantra - Divine Mother’s Healing Mantra for the World.

THE MANTRA – OM Srim Mahalakshmiye Swaha

(Pronounced: Om Shreem Maha-Lak-shmee-yay Swa-haa)

Order Direct from Elise’s website

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Today many of us seem to feel burnt by life or even burnt out. This one hour recording of the Mahalakshmi Mantra is the sweet offering of Divine Mother’s love that soothes and tenderly heals our hearts, minds, emotions and souls. It is like a healing salve that Mother gently applies to our hurts as she sings a lullaby to all Her children.

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