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Heart Of Living Yoga on tour in Brazil!

Heart Of Living Yoga on tour in Brazil!

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"Despertar de Luz" (Light's Awakening) is currently travelling through special places in Brazil. 

Giving workshops everywhere, they have travelled from Rio to Salvador and then right into the Amazon rainforest in Manaus - tomorrow they fly to Sao Paulo, followed by Curitiba, Florianopolis and then back to Rio.

What a wonderful Heart team, beautiful family of Love - sharing the Heart and Heart Practice with all and looking to set up a Heart Quarters in Amazonia!

God bless you all <3 Andyara Tara <3 Radha-Rachel <3 Anjana Jo <3 and Isa <3 

Here are some beautiful photos Andyara Tara has sent to show us how the love and light of Heart of Living Yoga is spreading through Brazil. 

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