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Anya Sr Lanka

The Heart of Living Yoga Foundation is a U.K. registered charity that works with some of the poorest people in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil and the UK. 

The charity has been running projects in Sri Lanka for the past 12 years to give education & nourishment to the poorest children and to women-led families who survive on next to nothing, as well as financially supporting those children who now go to university.  We also support the elders who have no surviving children to take care of them and we also support the adults with special needs.  We have a very special partnership, working together with Special Yoga UK to train the parents and teachers of children with special needs, as well as midwives and ayurvedic doctors - and this programme has been so successful that it is now nationwide all over Sri Lanka.

In India, we are helping the 'Flower Children' who beg on the banks of the Ganges by teaching them yoga and English, giving them fruit and teaching them handicraft skills to make a better livelihood for themselves and their families. We are also working at the Happy School in the Himalayas outside Rishikesh to improve the education of the village children by teaching them Yoga and English and computer skills.  The charity is also renovating the school building and working towards improving the infrastructure and livelihood possibilities of the village. 

Similar projects in Brazil are in the planning stages at the moment and in the U.K. our teachers go into schools to share yoga and heart meditation with the children and the teachers, who are both very stressed.  We also go into prisons and school exclusion units where our techniques are also very successful and popular.

With your support, love and prayers, all this is possible. We thank you! 


our current projects that need your help …

the sunshine school - sri lanka & india

sponsor a university student – sri lanka

elders wisdom breakfast club – sri lanka

yoga for children & adults with special needs – sri lanka

training teachers, midwives & ayurvedic doctors in therapeutic aspects of yoga

heart of living yoga home – rishikesh, india

the building fund needs £50,000 for the lotus wisdom centre for trauma healing, the sunshine school & the lotus handicrafts training centre – kilinochchi, sri lanka & rishikesh, india.

we also support the holistic education for special needs foundation.