Heart Of Living Yoga


The “giving economy”

"I give, you give, we all receive"
Rev. Padma Devi

If you want to be happy quickly ... do something for someone else!
If you want to make others happy - open your heart to receive their gifts.

The “giving economy” is the model that all spiritual teachers, since time immemorial, have been encouraging us to follow. Today it is the only model that is working. Giving is our nature. In fact it is the nature of Nature itself.

The apple tree is simply giving apples, it never eats a single one - and it doesn’t discriminate over who will receive its fruit - it simply gives and gives and gives.

We could even say that giving is part of God nature - that giving is Divine. So when we give, we draw closer to the Divine ... we draw closer to our own true nature. That’s why it makes us happy.

Our U.K. registered charity - Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation - follows this advice and this model by helping and supporting some of the poorest children and their families around the world.