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Beautiful fundraising evening in Bournemouth

A beautiful fund-raising evening in Bournemouth - and a wonderful message of support for all our work from the lovely Elise Yuill Cohen. Huge thanks to every One! 
Om Love 
Padma Devi <3

Elise Yuill Cohen wrote:

Wow, what an incredible afternoon and evening in Bournemouth yesterday!

Thank you thank you, to all the sweet souls who came to Kirtan at The Heart Centre, and to Jyoti Jo Manuel for welcoming and hosting us, and to Padma Devi Sumananda for instigating this special gathering.

I am feeling so INSPIRED after spending yesterday afternoon with Padma hearing about her charity ‘Heart of Living Yoga’ and the unbelievable work they have been doing for the past 12 years in Sri Lanka, India, the UK and Brazil.

This is grass roots help to some of the poorest people in the world, they support orphans, elders who have no one to care for them, school children, bringing them better education and funding them through university to become engineers, teachers and doctors, the are facilitating healing, teaching yoga for special needs, building schools and yoga centres!!!

And so much more... offering aid in so many ways...

It’s a BIG project and if you are interested I cannot stress enough the worthyiness of this charity.

If you would like to know more or offer support in any way please visit:


And I’ll be scheduling in some fundraising Kirtan dates in Devon for later this year and brainstorming what else I could do to contribute support..... 🦋

Feeling very blessed to have met this loving community doing such amazing work in the world and excited for our future friendships. Thank you all for being so welcoming.

(And thank you dearest Ammaprema for the introduction!)

All my love, Elise ❤️