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Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation is blessed to be able to support this wonderful work being done in Venezuela by Ram Das and his volunteers. If you would also like to support their work, you can donated directly to them via the gofundme link below.

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Note from Ram Das

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Venezuela right now and these volunteers are trying to do whatever they can to feed and help the children, babies, pregnant ladies and the elders. God bless you Ram Das and all your team <3

When doing this work, we think primarily of the children, just wanting to give them some love and joy in the present moment. We also think of the possible life they may have in the future if we can somehow bring them to good health. And yet we also try to put ourselves in the shoes of the child's parents -- if they even have shoes. In the case of this boy, Diego Mantilla, the parents are so poor that, like many Venezuelans now, they can hardly afford one pauper's meal a day for themselves. And in addition to their own grinding hunger their special needs child requires expensive medicines and nutritional supplements just to survive. Surely there are days when they consider suicide. 

The gifts we give their children are relatively small, although they may mean the difference between life and death -- some food, baby formula or medicine, maybe paying for a surgery. But they symbolize a greater compassion than our own. They say, "You don't suffer alone. God is with you." 

If you'd like to join this chain of love, donations can be made here: 


Thank you! <3