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Weʼre raising £3,000 to help build the Sunshine School in Rishikesh.
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India is a country of huge contrasts. Despite its rapid progress there is still an ever widening gap between the rich and poor. As is often the case in developing countries, it is the children who suffer the most with child labour laws being vague and rarely upheld. Rishikesh lies in the state of Uttarakhand, North India. It is a world centre for yoga providing numerous ashrams for spiritual training and refuge. Flowing through the centre of Rishikesh is the River Ganges. The river is recognised as a living being in India, a sacred deity where daily worship and rituals take place. The ‘flower children’, so named for the blessings they sell including flowers and sweets, roam the banks of the Ganges offering their wares to locals and tourists. Some work for their families, others for gangs including child traffickers. Despite having access to education, few go. These children may be as young as three years old. They are often vulnerable and neglected. The Sunshine School will provide education for these children, giving them options and hope for the future. They will receive a free lunch, lessons that will enable them to access schooling and qualifications that may lead them onto higher education. These children will learn that they have a choice beyond the life they have come to know. Your money will provide food, resources and staff to ensure these children receive the future they so rightly deserve.

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