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Andyara Tara

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Andyara Tara Amante 

Andyara Tara began practicing Integral Yoga in 2010 with her beloved teacher Rowan Cobelli. She received a call from the spiritual guru Swami Satchidananda, through her beloved master teacher Rev Padma Devi Sumananda leading her to the Heart of Living Yoga Teacher Training in 2016.

Andyara graduated as a Heart of Living Yoga Teacher in November 2017 in order to be able to lead classes of this calibre – adapting to the needs of each student and gently guiding and nurturing each one – supporting, exploring and enjoying yoga in all its wonderful forms – always through Heart Practice and heart meditations.

All her life experiences combined with the Tourism and Business diplomas, scientific researches and studies, working as a Meditation and Sound Therapist for more than 7 years, embracing regular spiritual practices through the science of Yoga allows her to offer you a diversity of tools for self-discovering journey. Andyara Tara loves to lead Heart Of Living Yoga classes 1 to 1 or for couples in Southbourne. She is very enthusiastic about sharing the benefits of Yoga in a suitable form that allows you to embrace and explore your physical body as well as beyond, in Oneness with All There Is. She is looking forward to share this Joy and Grace with you all.

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