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Rev Padma Devi Sumananda

Founder & President of Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation

Rev. Padma has been studying and practising yoga for almost 50 years, since she was 18, although she was seeking to know the Truth since her earliest days.

Her beloved guru, Sri Swami Satchidananda, found her in 1991 when she became his devoted student, then a teacher and centre head, a teacher trainer, European co-ordinator and finally a Minister within his tradition of Integral Yoga. His teachings, his love and his grace continue to bless every step of her path in this life time.

In 2006 Rev. Padma went to Sri Lanka to visit the orphanage and ashram where Sri Swami Satchidananda had lived for many years. It was during that visit to Sri Lanka, soon after the tsunami, that Padma set up the work of our charity “Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation”, when she discovered that there were children and families who were worse off – outside the orphanage. You can find out more details and how to help on this website on the page with the heading “Charity”.

Her service as a yoga teacher, trainer, mentor and guide continues to blossom through the sharing of the Heart Practice – a direct form of meditation which brings the practitioner into true communion with the Self.

Padma’s life of service and this tradition is also blessed and guided by Sri Anandamayi Ma, Paramahansa Yogananda, Lord Jesus and Mahavatar Babaji.

Rev. Padma teaches internationally and has set up several yoga centres and charity projects in different parts of the world. She lives and breathes yoga, and service to all is the mantra of her every breath.

Heart of Living Yoga is a pure channel of love and service through sharing the joy of Yoga in all its forms.


Manorama Ruth Bush BSc(hons), PGCE, Dip Ed

Manorama is a Heart of Living Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer based in the New Forest. She has over 20 years' experience as an ongoing student of yoga.

Landing in the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda, her heart opened to the possibilities of yoga and the Heart of Living Yoga practices have settled within her as a way of life. Now she delights in the joy of spreading the teachings to all.

She dived into teaching yoga full time in 2005, founding Yoga in the New Forest where she currently runs weekly classes, workshops, one to one sessions, kirtan and retreats.

To gain a greater appreciation of yoga she has enjoyed additional training in meditation, gentle yoga and relaxation, yoga for ME, children’s yoga, therapeutic yoga, pre and post natal yoga, hypopressive training and yoga for healthy lower backs. She regularly attends and teaches on various retreats, trainings and workshops.

Manorama has a happy approach to life, sharing gentleness and understanding with those she teaches.


Harshani Curbishley-Brown

Harshani is a Heart of Living Yoga Teacher & Trainer, currently based in Northamptonshire. Her personal journey into Yoga began in 2002 as an Integral Yoga student, discovering the beautiful teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda. This led her to meet her Beloved Teacher, Spiritual Guide & friend Rev. Padma Devi Sumananda, on retreat in 2004. Since then Harshani has continuously followed Padma’s teachings & Heart Practice, with endless love & devotion.

Harshani became a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in 2006 & later was blessed to train as an Intermediate Integral Yoga Teacher. The Heart Practice continues to flow throughout . . . sharing this practice through regular weekly Yoga classes, personalised 1-2-1 Yoga sessions, Yoga workshops, Meditation Satsangs & Therapy work.
She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Havening Practitioner, sharing her warmth & compassion with both her students & clients alike, guiding others on their healing journeys.


Vishwam Heckert, PhD

Vishwam is a Heart of Living Yoga Teacher and Trainer based in Matlock, Derbyshire. He has been practising yoga for nearly 20 years and for as long as he can remember has wanted to know what is Real. From a young age, he questioned everything. For many years, Vishwam searched through the mind and scholarly study to try to realise peace, love and freedom. While scholarship strengthened his mind, his yoga practice began to bring a deeper sense of liberation to every level of his being. Heart of Living Yoga appeared, offering a direct route to that which he had long been searching for.

Vishwam trained as an Integral Yoga Teacher in 2011 and has been studying with Padma since then. Vishwam now runs a Stress Relief Clinic in Matlock where he shares mindfulness and bodywork techniques to help people rest, relax and heal. He also gently, playfully and joyfully offers the teachings of yoga around the UK and internationally. Vishwam is a well-loved and loving teacher.


Radha Tisdall

Radha is a Heart of Living Yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in Milton Keynes where she teaches therapeutically to disengaged youths, dementia affected residents in care homes, those in the prison system and stress relief classes for staff in mainstream and alternative education. She also shares Reiki, holistic massage and private one to one Yoga and Meditation in her peaceful Yoga room or home visits and runs ever-popular yoga classes and courses. Radha is a an alternative stress therapist and lifestyle and relaxation consultant.

Radha has over 20 years of Yoga and Meditation experience. She has studied nationally and internationally with a variety of Yoga teachers from the physical aspects of Yoga to the more philosophical and energetic sides of Yoga. She is particularly passionate about the transformative power of Heart Rest yoga ~ resting in the heart while the body is supported in yoga poses. Radha is a beautiful, radiant and wise soul and is a blessing to everyone who works with her.


Narayani Handyside

Narayani has been a student of yoga for twenty years. She came to her first formal class following a traumatic car accident that had left her unable to walk. Having made a full recovery, Narayani lived and worked abroad experiencing different styles and teachings of yoga. In 2015, she was blessed to train with Revered Padma Devi as an Integral Yoga teacher.

Since then, she has followed the blessings of the heart to become a trainee and teacher of Heart of Living Yoga. Narayani teaches yoga to secondary school students as well as public classes and one to ones. Her teachings offer the simple peace and radiant joy that yoga can bring to our lives.


Chandrasen Fox

Chandrasen is a Heart Of Living Yoga teacher and trainer, based in the Bournemouth area of Dorset sharing Kirtan, Heart Meditation and Hatha Yoga classes.

After exploring meditation over many years through various traditions, he found his way into an Integral Yoga class in 2010 and for the first time felt truly at peace. He dived deep into the teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda and In 2012 he met Rev Padma on a Raja Yoga course. He recognised Padma as a living embodiment of those teachings and has been training with her ever since.

Yoga with the Heart Practice have been transformational for him and being able to share that with others brings him joy.

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Jyoti Manuel

Jyoti is the Founder & Director of Special Yoga in the U.K.  She has been practising yoga for over 40 years and was introduced to the beautiful teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda through Sivakami Sonia Sumar in 2001 and is also very deeply connected to the teachings of Sri Anandamayi Ma and Paramahansa Yogananda.

Those teachings have taken her on a deep and personal  journey to become  a  practitioner and Senior Teacher Trainer of Special Yoga's therapeutic yoga progamme which helps children with special needs. Jyoti believes that all children are special and deserve to experience love, peace, joy and fulfilment of their potential and purpose.   

She feels very blessed to also be a part of the Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation's charity work in Sri Lanka and India and to share the magnificent and life-changing Heart of Living Yoga meditations and the Heart Practice.  She believes that life ultimately is all about unconditional love.   

Her life is dedicated to the service of children with special needs and she travels extensively worldwide to share Special Yoga teachings with care workers, medical officers, educators, pediatric professionals, orphanage volunteers and parents.  If you would like to specifically support Jyoti's work with Heart Of Living Yoga in India & Sri Lanka, you can send your donation with the reference "Special Yoga".




Jo loves exploring the depth and breadth of anatomy and how it reflects our lives and our world. She teaches anatomy on the Living Anatomy training in London for holistic therapists and bodyworkers, also on Yoga Teacher Trainings, and is a tutor on Craniosacral Practitioner Trainings. She has been practicing yoga and working as a therapist for over 20 years -  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Sports Massage. She has a Business Studies degree, has spent many winters working and skiing in the French Alps, and has spent extensive time with whales and dolphins. Her spiritual practice is an important foundation in her life, and she enjoys retreats and going on mini- adventures with her daughter.


Anne Malone

Anne Malone

Anne’s love of Music, Yoga and Meditation has lead her to learn and work with many wonderful teachers, Prem Rawat (Maharaji) … Shiva Rea, Jai Uttal, Padma, Brandon Bays, Chris James, Annie Spencer. Her passion for music has taken her on a journey of sound from the vibrant music of Dublin in Ireland to the tropical sounds of Vera Cruz in Mexico, from gigging at The Mean Fiddler in London to playing Hang on Skyros, she’s written music for BBC, Theatre, yoga DVDs and audio books.

Anne’s Hang playing has been embraced by the Yoga community, a favourite with Padma’s Heart of Living Yoga, Shiva Rea and Jai Uttal. She’s written and produced a variety of cds, featuring in iTunes top 10 and NME Awards, has been commissioned by BBC, Theatre Lab and alivEmotion to name a few.