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Padma Devi - The Peace of the Heart (CD)

Padma Devi - The Peace of the Heart (CD)


This CD will help you to plant the flower of peace in your heart and mind, in your life and in the world. Most of us have touched that experience and want it to be permanent, but we keep trying to plant that beautiful flower on a rock and no roots are able to grow, so we have to keep planting it over and over again.

Using the meditations on this CD will begin to soften that rock, that inflexible mind, that armoured heart - to soften into gentleness, until you become a beautiful garden where the flower of peace can grow, blossom and flourish.

Heartfelt thanks to Haridas for all musical composition, recordings, production, support and love.

All profits from this CD go to support the work of the Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation.

  1. Prayer to Divine Mother

  2. The Prayer of the Heart

  3. The Healing of the Heart

  4. The Peace of the Heart

  5. Om Shanti Peace Mantra

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