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Proceeds go to support the work of Heart of Living Yoga Foundation, helping the poorest children and their families. Find out more on Our Charity page.

Deep Heart Rest - Deep Relaxation with Padma Devi

Deep Heart Rest - Deep Relaxation with Padma Devi


Deep Heart Rest

Track 1: Heart Rest — This Deep Relaxation takes you into a restful state to re-energise you for the rest of your day. In the middle of the relaxation, the music fades into silence to allow you to dive deeper into your own peace & then you are gently guided back to continue your day, renewed and revitalised. (23.41 minutes)

Track 2: Deep Heart Rest — This Deeper Relaxation can be used to take you into a restful deep sleep. The music simply fades away gently towards the end as you remain relaxed & rest deeply. (23.36 minutes)

All proceeds from the sale of this album go to support the work of the Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation, a UK charity that enables & supports some of the poorest children in the world & their families. On behalf of the children — thank you. You can find out more at heartoflivingyoga.com/charity/

Gratitude to Hari Das for all music, recording, production & love

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