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Rev. Padma Devi Sumananda and Radhaji

Rev. Padma Devi Sumananda and Radhaji

This is a unique opportunity to train to become a yoga teacher in Rishikesh - the birthplace of yoga - with Rev. Padma Devi Sumananda, the President and Founder of the Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation.

Padma Devi has been teaching and living Yoga for almost 50 years and is the embodiment of peace, joy and divine service to all. Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation is the blossoming of grace of an ancient lineage. You can read more about Padma Devi and the Foundation here on our website.

The tutors for the Deep Immersion TT will be Rev. Padma, Harshani, & Andyara - a wonderful staff of Heart teachers to support you and your Buddy Groups on your journey. The Ashram is run by a beautiful and welcoming small family of female monks and is not far from the Heart of Living Yoga Hridaya Bij Ashrama (Heart Home). It is a tranquil and sacred space in which to immerse ourselves in the Heart teachings.

Training, accommodation and beautiful simple ayurvedic food will be covered in the price. Flights and airport transfers need to arranged personally. (We can assist with help in transfers if needed.) Training, accommodation and beautiful simple ayurvedic food will be covered in the price. Flights and airport transfers need to arranged personally. (We can assist with help in transfers if needed.) The all-inclusive price for this wonderful opportunity is * £2,500 *

If you are interested in this very special course, please email revpadma@heartoflivingyoga.com to register your interest very soon as only 16 places will be available.

Two years of regular Yoga practice is the minimum requirement for the course, and a telephone conversation with Padma.

Course Contents

On this Deep Immersion teacher training course you will learn about, and become qualified to teach as a certified yoga teacher . ...

1. the Rishikesh Sequence of yoga asanas - how to teach these traditional yoga poses and practices safely, learning all about the yogic science behind it and the intricate structure of the subtle energy bodies, which explains how and why it works - why it makes us feel so good. You will be shown how to adapt and develop your teaching in harmony with your students' development, capacity and joy.

2. the Breath of Life - how to safely teach traditional pranayama breathing practices - learning all about prana, the life force, and how it moves within us. The how and why of yogic science at its best.

3. the 15 Chakra system - learning about their power and potential as energy centres and information exchange points.

4. the 5 Koshas system - learning in depth about these subtle energy levels of our being and how we can integrate this knowledge into our lives and our yoga practice and teaching.

5. Kriya Yoga - learning about Mudras and how to share and integrate mudra flows into your hatha practice and how to use them in daily life.

6. Chanting - being offered the opportunity to learn chants, mantras and sanskrit prayers and to go deeper into Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, if this is your direction.

7. Raja Yoga - the science of the mind. Studying the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and learning how to combine these teachings into your every day modern life until they become your default setting and the mind becomes your friend. Writing some essays.

8. Studying, reading and discussing a book list of carefully chosen modern philosophy books which illuminate the deep questions that we have all asked ourselves about life and its meaning.

9. Anatomy & Physiology - learning basic anatomy and how it relates to yoga poses and movements of your own body, to make you a safe and confident yoga teacher - led by Dr. Mari Rantamaki.

10. the Heart of Sound - experiencing and learning how to share and incorporate different kinds of healing sounds into your yoga class and/or your healing practice - this is a magical part of the course.

11. learning how to share yoga with children, with the elderly and how to adapt it for those with physical and/or mental challenges.

12. how to introduce and teach Meditation & especially heart meditation to your students - how to lead and share a 6 week course.

13. Yoga for Back Care - a special essential module. Every yoga teacher will have students in their classes with back issues and this module teaches you how yoga can help, in safety, led by Manorama.

14. Heart and Sole natural walking - a phenomenal new way to approach, understand and re-align our bodies through this special healing walking technique.

15. The deeper meaning and experience of the Heart Practice, prayer of the heart and Heart-Mindfulness.

16. The meaning and significance of the Heart Of Living Yoga Sri Yantra and how it relates to quantum physics and how to use it as an aid to meditation.

17. Finding out in a fun way the full scope and range of your own personality type and others, so that you can deepen your understanding and relationships with others and broaden your teaching for a wider audience.

18. Heart Mothering - how to share yoga with pre and post natal mothers & fathers, which is also a system of self care and spiritual development, led by Manorama.

19. Learning about our spiritual lineage and great saints, sages and teachers who are part of the history of this beautiful school of yoga.

20. Yogic diet, nutrition, fasting and cleansing techniques.

21. The healing heart of yoga - the how and why of energetic psychology and yogic healing led by Harshani.

22. the amazing Heart Rest - restorative yoga that allows the body to be supported and rest in yoga poses, while students are guided into the heart and deep relaxation. Transformational work led by Radha.

If this calls to your heart, please email as soon as you can to bookings@heartoflivingyoga.com to confirm your place so that we can make all the arrangements for the course that need to be done now. Thank you.

Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi
Rev. Padma Devi Sumananda