Heart Of Living Yoga

New Forest Training

New Forest Training

Harshani & Manorama, Course Trainers

Harshani & Manorama, Course Trainers

Part 1 Dates


Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th March 2018

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd April 2018

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May 2018

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June 2018

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd July 2018

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th August 2018

Part 2 Dates


6th & 7th October 2018

10th & 11th November 2018

8th & 9th December 2018

5th & 6th January 2019

2nd & 3rd February 2019

2nd & 3rd March 2019


6th & 7th April 2019

11th & 12th May 2019

15th & 16th June 2019

20th & 21st July 2019

17th & 18th August 2019

7th & 8th September 2019

5th & 6th October 2019


The Part 1 course - The Living Heart of Yoga - requires you to have previous yoga experience & a regular practice of at least 6 months.   It is open to anyone who wishes to become a Heart of Living Yoga teacher and also for those who want to dive deeper into their own personal & spiritual practices, but do not want to become a teacher.

This Part 1 course is a pre-requisite to attending the Part 2 Heart Of Living Yoga Teacher Training Course. 

The Part 2 course- Heart Of Living Yoga Teacher Training Course - requires a minimum of 2 years regular yoga practice & for you to have completed the 6 month Part 1 Living Heart of Yoga course in order to be able to sign up for the Part 2 Teacher Training.

The cost of the courses are as follows:

Part 1 = Total cost £800 for the 100 hour course (6 months) includes required books & manual.

Part 2 = Total cost £2,200 for the 200 hour Heart of Living Yoga Teacher Training Course (12 months)  includes required reading material, manual and a weekend retreat in a beautiful location.

The payment options are as follows:~

* Book & pay for courses Part 1 & 2 together in full & receive a 10% discount on the total cost of £3,000, saving you £300 & costing only £2,700.

* For students who are signing up for Part 1, there will be an opportunity to book onto Part 2 later on and receive a £150 discount off the cost of Part 2, if booked & paid in full before month 4 in the course. Bookings after that time will be normal pricing.

* To reserve your place on the Part 1 course, a 50% deposit of £400 is required, with the final £400 payment in to be paid in full at the latest 4 weeks before the course start date.

* The option of a monthly payment plan (following on from course deposits) is available with an additional 10% on the outstanding amount. To be set up as a standing order/direct debit & payments completed before the final weekends.