Heart Of Living Yoga

Heart Rest Training

Heart Rest Training

Turvey Abbey, Bedfordshire

30th July - 3rd August, 2018


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This summer, Heart of Living Yoga are offering Heart Rest teacher training at the beautiful Turvey Abbey in Bedfordshire, UK. Heart Rest is a very beautiful practice of letting go. It is a completely holistic and subtle style of Peaceful and Restful Yoga as the perfect antidote to modern day stressful living. You will learn life changing techniques to benefit yourself and your students.

Heart Rest is available for all. It is completely effortless, yet enables long lasting effective results of pure relaxation and deep healing for the mind & body. By activating the parasymapathetic nervous system and lowering the stress response, profound healing comes to every level of our being. Through a complete practice of Heart Rest, we become able to discover ever more deeply who we really are. We begin to feel at home, at peace, wherever we are.

This training will be retreat-style, set in a Benedictine monastery with basic & comfortable living quarters. We shall live together, like a family, sharing meals and supporting each other.

During this five day training you will experience, for the benefit of all:

  • Daily Morning Meditation & Gentle Yoga practice
  • Pranayama, Mantra and Mudra for deep healing
  • Heart Wisdom
  • Heart Rest Yoga Training
  • Heart Rest Laboratory giving you a chance to immerse yourself in the teachings
  • Evening Meditation and Deep Rest
  • Free time to simply be and enjoy time and space for you

Pricing & Details

Training dates: 10am 30th July - 4pm 3rd August 2018 

Followed by optional Heart Rest Retreat 3rd  August - 5th August 2018 (see below for details)

Location: Turvey Abbey, High St, Turvey, Bedford MK43 8DE

Price includes course materials, accomodation & delicious vegan and vegetarian meals. 

Course materials include:

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  • Heart Rest Training Manual
  • Restorative Yoga by Judith Lasater
  • The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi
  • Heart Rest (CD) by Padma Devi Sumananda

You will also need to bring: 2 bolsters (fibre filled), 2 bricks, 2 blankets, an eye pillow & 1 large yoga belt

  • Price for the training: £500
  • Price for the retreat: £175
  • Combined price: £650

Qualified Yoga Teachers will be Certified Heart Rest Teachers (IYN 66 hour course). All others will receive a certificate of attendance. Non-teachers who go own to complete Heart of Living Yoga Teacher Training parts 1 & 2 will also become fully qualified Heart Rest Teachers. Those who stay for the retreat will receive an additional 30 hours CPD. Those who come for the taster session on the 23rd of June in Milton Keynes  and the course and the retreat get a full 100 hours CPD in ♥ Heart Rest Yoga ♥ 

Heart Rest is an essential part of Heart of Living Yoga, a complete and vibrant yoga tradition founded by Rev Padma Devi Sumananda based on her 50 years of living and teaching yoga. The course is led by Senior Heart of Living Yoga Teacher and Trainer Radha Tisdall, with the assistance of fellow teacher and trainer Vishwam Guru Das. 

Heart Rest Retreat

Turvey Abbey, Bedfordshire

3-5th August, 2018


 Beautiful Turvey Abbey

Beautiful Turvey Abbey

 Rev Padma Devi & Heart Rest Teacher Radha

Rev Padma Devi & Heart Rest Teacher Radha

 Rev Padma Devi & Vishwam Guru Das

Rev Padma Devi & Vishwam Guru Das

If you like yoga and you like resting, this could be the retreat for you! 

Heart Rest is a very gentle, accessible and life changing yoga practice flowing from the Heart of Living Yoga tradition. Using bolsters, blocks, blankets and pillows, we construct comfortable and supportive yoga nests in which our bodies effortlessly melt into a variety of yoga 'poses'. While our bodies are held in soft yoga nests, awareness can rest within the blessing of the heart. Our whole being is able to soften, relax and let go. Deep healing and profound spiritual growth is the natural result. 

In addition to daily Heart Rest Yoga classes, we will share beautiful heart meditations in the morning and evening, interesting workshops, walks and beautiful kirtans and satsangs as well as having plenty of time for quiet contemplation and connection. 

This very special, silent Heart Rest Retreat will be held at the beautiful Turvey Abbey in Bedfordshire with its gorgeous gardens and historic buildings steeped in prayer and devotion. The silent retreat will be led by Heart of Living Yoga founder Rev Padma Devi.

Please bring:

Your yoga mat, two blankets, two bolsters, two yoga bricks and a yoga belt.
Warm, comfortable, layered clothes for cool mornings and evenings.
You may also wish to bring a notebook and pen to record insights and experiences.
Bedding and towels are provided

The price of the retreat is £175 (£150 for those also attending the Heart Rest Teacher Training) which includes all meals and accommodation. To book your place, please transfer a £75 deposit to Heart of Living Yoga, Bank: Lloyds Sort Code: 30-91-08 Account No: 56589960, with a Reference: HEART REST RETREAT 2018

Please confirm once payment has been made by sending an e-mail to: bookings@heartoflivingyoga.com

Balance is due by the 15th of July. Earlier payments are warmly welcome. 

Spaces on this very special retreat are limited and already disappearing fast. Don't miss out! 

Any questions about the retreat, please contact vishwam@flowing-with-life.com